2018 in Review

Esperanza Gets A New Home

Esperanza (Hope in English) was desperate to show us the condition of her home. She has 3 children who all live in a tiny place made of tin which leaks and is stifling hot. She was so thrilled to know that a family has chosen to sponsor her.

Oliver's Family Gets A New Home!

Today we visited the home of Oliver and Rosa and their family. Our director Amarilis had been to their home before and told them that at some time they may be chosen to have a home. The mother told us that she gathered her children last night and prayed that their family would be chosen. In the meantime, Sandra, Marla and others who raised the funds looked over different options and unanimously chose this family.

DSF director sings to a resident at a Senior's home.

Dominican Starfish Foundation director, Amarilis sings to a resident at a Senior's home. We have never heard this man talk before.

Washing the feet of the elderly and disabled.

Washing the feet of the elderly and disabled at a very poor Senior's Home in the Dominican Republic.

Giving gifts to the children in Maggiolo School

Giving gifts donated by Ayuda Foundation to the children in Maggiolo School

Dominican Starfish Foundation Delivers Food to Mela

When we had the grand opening of the school in Maggiolo, Mela handed me a letter asking me to help with her home. Thus started our home building projects in the Dominican Republic. Hers was the first of 12 so far. It was started April 3, 2013. Today we delivered food. So many days she goes hungry and is looking after 3 little grandsons. She was so grateful as you can tell by her tears

Chef Ramon Receives Great News

This morning we had ordered breakfast to the villa. We had requested our favorite chef but a different one arrived. He introduced himself and we had a little visit in Spanish (I'm so proud). He lives in Javillar, the village where we have built most of the homes for our foundation. I showed him our brochure and he lives next door to Marcelena. I had taken pictures of his home in March because it is one that we want to rebuild. I decided to share this with him in this video.

Fernando's Surprise

After having a roof that leaked for over seven years, our foundation decided last night to raise some money to fix Fernando's roof. Fernando is the vice president of Dominican Starfish Foundation in the Dominican Republic. He is always helping others but didn't expect this for himself.

From Alcoholic and Drug Addict to Volunteer work at a Senior's Home.

This man comes every day to this senior's home to volunteer and take care of the old people here. His story is a touching one.

Family Experiences in the DR