Ana (Suleka)

Suleka is a single mom living in the Dominican Republic.  She has 2 children.  Her husband was killed in a motor-bike accident in 2006.  She works as a house keeper.  Her home was on a flood plain and was open to the elements.  She works hard but had no way of improving her situation on her meager income of $5 a day.




She was very humble and tearful when we told her that she had been chosen to have a new home.


In March, 2015 Shawna and Don Tanner visited the Dominican Republic.  Their hearts went out to the many people who live in poverty and have no way out.  They chose to help Ana and her family.  They started the process.


In December 2015 after raising money for Miledy’s home, Dominican Starfish Foundation turned their fundraising efforts to Suleka.  In January 2016 some visiting guests touched by her humble living conditions donated the rest of the funds needed to build their home and construction began.

6Today Suleka and her family live in a beautiful place.  She has a new boyfriend who is helping to provide for her family.



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