Antonia lives in Javillar in the Dominican Republic.  When we met her, she was single mom with 4 children.  Her husband died shortly after the birth of her last child. The home she lived in is extremely poor.  It was falling down and very dangerous for the family to live in but they had no other options.


The need was urgent and we wanted to help as quickly as possible.  As soon as we became aware of her situation, we took different people to see the home.  David and Cyndie Bach were some of those people.  Upon seeing her conditions, they offered a lump sum to build the home.


A5my and Laura from Ontario also helped with the extras needed.  We are so grateful to all who helped.

6Kind neighbors, Marcelena and Francesa who we have also helped offered her a place to stay.  “Furnishings” were moved that very night and in so doing the home fell down.



Again family, friends and Antonia herself worked alongside Dominican Starfish workers to create a beautiful result.

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