Maria, Rebecca and Jerson

Maria, Rebecca and Jerson

We first heard about this family from an old school-mate of Rebecca’s, Luis Miguel Gutierrez, one of our foundation workers in the Dominican Republic.



3He made us aware of the desperate situation of this family.  Again, Maria is a single mom.  The family was living in home that was being eaten by termites and open to the elements.  Rebecca had been suffering with severe dental problems for two years.



Upon hearing of her plight, Marilyn Bennion, a widow and her family from Calgary, Alberta chose to sponsor this family and try to give them a life.  Marilyn worked overtime hours to raise money for them. Kara Werner from Calgary joined in the funding.

4Later they were joined by Paula Lythgoe and a group of her friends and family from Petawawa, Ontario.  It is wonderful to see people from all walks of life join together to help.  Paula’s group was able to come and visit the family and bring gifts and furnishings for their new home.

5(Note:  Some of our pictures were taken before the final finishing touches were done.)














The family now have a beautiful new home which eases the difficulty of their lives.

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