2018 in Review

Dominican Starfish Foundation 2018 Year in Review from Louise ZoBell

Ana (Suleka)

Suleka is a single mom living in the Dominican Republic.  She has 2 children.  Her husband was killed in a motor-bike accident in 2006.  She works as a house keeper.  Her home was on a flood plain and was open to the elements.  She works hard but had no way of improving her situation on her meager income of $5 a day.   … Read More

Maria, Rebecca and Jerson

Maria, Rebecca and Jerson We first heard about this family from an old school-mate of Rebecca’s, Luis Miguel Gutierrez, one of our foundation workers in the Dominican Republic.   He made us aware of the desperate situation of this family.  Again, Maria is a single mom.  The family was living in home that was being eaten by termites and open … Read More

Jasmin (Belkes)

Belkes was living in extreme poverty in the Dominican Republic.  She has 2 children.  When we visited her home, we found it tied together with rags and plastic backs.  We were afraid to enter for fear it would fall. Mary Cahoon and her family in Calgary, Alberta heard of the family and felt great compassion for them.  She started raising … Read More


Antonia Antonia lives in Javillar in the Dominican Republic.  When we met her, she was single mom with 4 children.  Her husband died shortly after the birth of her last child. The home she lived in is extremely poor.  It was falling down and very dangerous for the family to live in but they had no other options. The need … Read More


Tamaris lives in Javillar in the Dominican Republic.  She has two children and a grandchild who live with her.  Though she lives in poverty, she is a happy person and works hard to make others happy as well.  Her job is to cook lunch and dinner every day for 31 young people from United States and Canada who are donating … Read More

Carolina and Family

  Carolina and her family live in extreme poverty in the Dominican Republic. In their home live 5 adults and one child, age 7.  Even the Dominican people around her have requested help for her.  Their only source of income comes from the father (age 61) who drives a motorcycle taxi.  Please donate if you can help. Dominican Starfish Foundation … Read More


Gloria lives in great poverty in the Dominican Republic.  She is in her 70s.  She has no source of income.  What little she has to eat, she is dependent on others to help.  She is raising a grandson that is 12 years old.  She also has a daughter who is a single mother with 3 children. We are raising funds … Read More


  We met Morena in January, 2016.  We were so touched by her story that it has been constantly on our minds.  Every day, Morena goes to the hospital and cares for people there who don’t have family to care for them.  When it is time for them to be discharged, she brings them to her “home” if they are … Read More


Jonny and his wife and 5 children live in poverty in the Dominican Republic.  They had their fifth child, a baby boy in March.  Jonny has a job as a construction worker, working for a non-profit foundation .  His salary of $12 a day is barely enough to buy food for his family and would never allow him to move … Read More


Bierka and her 3 young daughters (Jasmil, Adarleny, and Yamileiny) live in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.  Bierka’s husband passed away of a heart attack recently and they need our help. She struggles to pay the rent and owning their own home would allow her to give her children basic necessities like daily meals. Funds for this home were raised by Mary and … Read More


Miledy lives in the Dominican Republic with her a 15 year old daughter and a 17 year old son. She lost her oldest son in October 2015 to a brain tumor. In November, one of her friends took us to see her home. It has been more than a year since she could live in it because of the dreadful … Read More