In January of 2013 at the grand opening of the school we rebuilt in Maggiolo, we were approached by a senior lady, Mela who was caring for three young grandchildren.   She presented us with a letter asking us to help with her home which was falling down around her.  At that point, building homes was not part of our plan for the foundation.

Upon returning from that trip, the foundation’s executive director was given a surprise birthday party by her family.  The party was a fundraiser and money was raised for Mela’s home.  April 1st, 2013 the foundation workers took down Mela’s home.  Since then, home-building has become a major focus of the foundation.

We now choose several families for our list of possible recipients.  The foundation in Canada and the Dominican have several criteria for the families chosen.  We then get approval from our nine-person board of directors.  Families, businesses, groups of friends, etc. choose a family to sponsor and raise the funds for the building of the home.

See the homes and read the stories below starting with the most recent finished project.